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The best beard trimmer on the planet is a Turkish chap in Cricklewood -- however in the event, you can not easily fit in a trip then your next best alternative is to acquire an electric beard trimming machine. Selecting the most appropriate trimmer isn't as simple as you may think, however. There are plenty of different brands vying for your hard-earned, and each provides a whole selection of models. Here, we have concentrated on items made for the sole purpose of hair styling. Whether you are hoping to keep a neat five-o'clock shadow or pruning a full-size Francis Drake, keep reading to determine which is ideal for you. Just about all trimmers will permit you to attain a selection of different beard-lengths, with the assistance of clip-on spacers or an adjustable clipper head. Some versions can cut more beards -- and even head hair up to 20mm in length, while others were created specifically for keeping short stubble from 10mm down to .05mm. Most models are not waterproof, however, so to clean the blade housing, you will want to remove it and wash it under a tap. A two-pin shaver plug will not fit a European mains socket: the hooks are the exact same size but spaced farther apart. Bear this in mind next time you are traveling. Or, pick a battery-operated trimmer -- just be certain that it doesn't run out at an inconvenient moment. Another option is to decide on a trimmer which charges via a USB link, like the Remington below.  Facial hair grows about half an inch per month, irrespective of whether you have shaved or not.

This beautifully designed trimmer ticks all the correct boxes.

As a consequence, that you can also control it from any mobile USB power pack or computer -- a massive boon for travelers.
It even includes a tasteful nylon pouch. Highly suggested.
This Braun is evidence that you don't have to spend a lot for a consummate trimmer. In addition, you have to swap the combs over for a shorter or longer trim, which increases the chance that someone will get lost.

In use, however, this trimmer generates excellent, effortless results. You can approach from any direction, without exact positioning, and it cuts easily and evenly every time with zero snagging - perfect for those in a hurry. When it's time for a few shape edging, you can just remove the comb and cut off excess stubble using the blade.
Braun has seen fit to add a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide manual sander for ultra-close complete, which makes this package a top selection for Desperate Dans on a budget.
This trimmer includes an integrated vacuum, which sucks up at least 90 percent of clippings and deposits them into a tiny removable container only under the blade housing.
On the downside, the plan of this comb can make it tough to see precisely where you are shaving, and it is not as well balanced in the hand as the Remington. It's also not acceptable for long beards: a rubberized adjustment wheel measures down the comb from a maximum of 10mm down to 0.5millimeters in half-millimeter steps.
If you prefer to walk around as you trim, or often shave in a hurry with no time to clean up after yourself, then this smart trimmer should be your first port of call.

Additionally, it comes with another precision trimmer blade and fees via regular three-pin UK plug. This high-end BaByliss version comes with its own charging cradle - that may or might not be convenient, based on the design of your bathroom. Additionally, it means it's not perfect for traveling, but you will receive about 70 minutes of trimming a charge, which might well be sufficient for the odd excursion. The XTP's floating head is designed to follow the contours of your face; it feels really comfortable, but it does not give you many positive comments, so you may have to watch from the mirror to reassure yourself that it is, in reality, doing its job. The fixed comb's plastic teeth may also sometimes snag if moving the device in reverse. Like the Remington, this trimmer includes a motorized length controller. Still, in case you've got a five-o'-clock shadow to keep - and an appropriate place for your charger - then this elegant trimmer does the job with a bit of class.

This trimmer brings an unusual blade head style that supposedly enables you to trim, shave and style. This takes some getting used to, and also a little peering into the mirror. As soon as you get the hang of it, however, the actual shaving effect is excellent - we found it perfectly smooth, without a snatching.  And as soon as you've tamed the span, you can remove the adjustable comb and comb on the detail attachment that reduces the diameter of the blade from 35mm to 5mm - or ditch the comb completely and use the major blade for a shaver. This isn't great for a full-face shave - we discovered it too scratchy and irritating - but it is fantastic for tidying up sideburns, cheek, and necklines. Our only criticism is that the weighty, overlong charging cable. But we can forgive this because, learning curve notwithstanding, the final result was exceptional. A clever trimmer that features everything a discerning cultivator of facial hair may need. best electric shaver

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